Insurance Defense

Premier Insurance Litigation Firm

Insurance defense is not something to trust to an inexperienced lawyer. When you hire someone to defend your business from an insurance claim, you need to know that your attorney can handle the matter successfully. There is a lot at stake in this type of claim.

At Trotta,Trotta & Trotta, we have been handling a range of complex legal matters since our founding in 1927. Lead attorney Erica Todd-Trotta handles insurance defense for clients throughout Connecticut. We represent corporations, small businesses, insurance companies and workers’ compensation insurers in all types of insurance defense claims.

Navigating The Complexities Of Insurance Defense Law

Our law firm handles numerous types of insurance defense matters, including:

  • Bad faith claims: The most common of all claims against insurers, the bad faith claim involves a denial of benefits. The insured claims that the insurer’s denial was in bad faith. We defend our clients aggressively against these claims.
  • Fraud: The insured will bring a fraud claim on the contention that the insurer deliberately or knowingly misrepresented the policy or the benefits involved.
  • Insurance contract disputes: In many cases, a lawsuit will come as a result of a claimed misunderstanding of the contractual terms or a disagreement as to what was actually agreed upon in the contract.

Insurance law is a heavily regulated area. The laws are extremely complex, and the procedures are nuanced and difficult to navigate. At Trotta,Trotta & Trotta, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We will help you navigate these challenges to protect your bottom line and get you the results you need.

An Experienced Attorney Can Make All The Difference

Attorney Erica Todd-Trotta is a skilled negotiator and a seasoned litigator. With a sophisticated understanding of these legal matters, she can help find the best approach to making sure your business’s financial interests are protected.

We understand that choosing an attorney to represent your business in insurance defense is a challenging task. We offer free consultations because we are confident that we can handle your case successfully. Call us at +1-203-787-6756 or email us to schedule a consultation.